Hello to you world!

Indeed, Hello world!

All blogs have to start somewhere, and Thanks to the WordPress sample post that comes with every newly created blog, for making it so obvious and reminding me that it is, the thing to do.

So, salute to all of you, subscribers or future prospects. Also I want to dedicate this post to give you a little introduction to who I think I’am at this phase of my modest life.

I’m 31 years old med school drop out, Married, a father to my lovely 11months old son, a customers service former employee, a freelancer, a wanna be entrepreneur that managed to survive and stay motivated to dream and deny the impact of repetitive failure.

Denial! I’ve always tended to confuse this key word with Positivity or Hope for a better tomorrow, which is ok at some point, until you hit the so called 30km wall in a marathon race.

I honestly don’t see myself as either Proud or Disappointed, I know for a fact that I’ll die trying to get out there, and that would be the worst case scenario.